Payment integration- Fintroops Fintech

Internship experience

This blog is about my final semester internship experience at fintroops

Fintech solutions PVT LTD. This blog discusses about my experience and outcomes of 4 month long internship with fintroop and various factors which contributed to both professional and personal growth.

Fintroops started as product and now its provides fintech services to startups and professional clients. It provides finacial advice to startups in every department from settingup to marketing and so on

As we know the core of project is integrating payment gateways to platform and test it for validation before finalizing payment api .

There are 2 types of payment gateways 1. static 2. dynamic

static gateways are quite easy to learn and use it is usually one page link for all transactions done by end user as all price is fixed to one webpage

whereas dynamic gateway is lot complicated which require seamless integration which of user choices .And this transaction details are stored in our database for further usage

The project is about using payment gateways in websites as per clients requirements .Before Jumping into solutions we need to present different websites with different 3rdparty payment integrations like stripe, paypal, payu etc and test the thesis with difference in conversions of currencies as per clients requirement’s and different choices of commissions or free and then commissions or commissions after certain volume of activities. Here we built a website with stripe integration called bookstop. Where we facilitate users to come and pickup different books based on interest and preview it before purchasing or taking it as rent as required

Viability and feasibility of project

.This project consist of lot of testing so we can eradicate any unsecure ways of doing or using apis .we are quite happy to get great products out there which have two step authentications and quite secure for example stripe . Apart from apis we are quite secure and encrypted user credentials such as password reaming data of emails payment history also kept secured . As far as feasibility considered we are quite sure we can pull out complete project if time given . As there it time constraint involved client is happy with our progress. and testing results so we can say project is feasible and viable

There are many learning outcomes

Number one outcome is how to deal with clients and adapt to their requirement. Learnt communications and decision making with client are lot important

learning from mentor who had lot on his plate and updating time to time about work and expectations

New techstack sqlite DB ,php composer and payment gateway integrations

learnt how to use composer and connect with payment apis

Testing a lot gives u good idea of path as we tested alot to finalize our stack and which payment Api to use in our website.

More important we leant who to do work form home(WFH)