Internship experience

Fintech solutions PVT LTD. This blog discusses about my experience and outcomes of 4 month long internship with fintroop and various factors which contributed to both professional and personal growth.

Fintroops started as product and now its provides fintech…

Myself I’m karthik from Bennett University pursuing a computer science degree. . This blog is about my summer internship experience. I have done my summer intern at Techimax IT services PVT LTD as a Python webdevlopment intern.

About Techimax:

Techimax is an IT services and product-engineering company specialized in building…

wht is Blockchain: Blockchain technology solves a issue for untrusted parties to reach consensus on a common digital place. A common digital history is important because digital assets and transactions are in theory can be easily scammed/faked and/or duplicated. Blockchain solves this issue without using trusted intermediary.

why insurance? and why blockchain?

As demand on insurance is increased over the years ,The insurance sectore became competitive Therefore, many insurers are looking for new ways to reduce the risk, develop new premiums and provide better client service in the tightly regulated on-demand economy.
Blockchain technology was always foresight of the insurance industry. …

Karthik Potlapally

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